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Short Message Service or SMS Messages is the shortest and sweetest way to exchange wishes and send greetings to your dear ones. Sending Birthday SMS, Friendship SMS, Love SMS, Good morning and Good night SMSs to your friends and loved one's mobile phones is today a part of daily life to many. To make sending SMS easier here we have a huge collection of the best SMS messages. Find SMS messages for almost all occasion. Friendship SMS Messages, Birthday SMS Messages, Funny SMS Messages etc... Find Malayalam SMS and Malayalam SMS Messages to wish your friends do various occasion.

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Archimedes Law of LOVE


Archimedes Law of LOVE:

"When a HEART is dipped fully or partially in LOVE,
then the loss in studies is directly proportional to time spent in DREAMS. "

When True Love Happens

SMS by bella whit

When true love happens,
There are complications.
There are borders.
There are separations.
There are difficulties.
But most of all,
There is a revaluation,
A revaluation that causes you to never give up,
No matter the complications,
Or the borders,
Or separations,
Or difficulties.
Because true love prevails.

after and before...

Before YOU came in my life, i just need Food, Water & Oxygen to live. But now including these, i need 2 more things to be alive. They are YOUR LOVE & CARE!!!

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your open eyes to see my closed eyes..!"

The most hurting line of a friend:

"If u leave me, I promise u wil come back once,

wit your open eyes to see my closed eyes.. !"

ash 9846 16 45 23

Good Vision and Clarity again!

Sometimes, God fills Our eyes with tears.

Perhaps, He makes our eyes washed so that, We couldd see Life with a Good Vision and Clarity again!!

ajeeshkpz@gmail. com

"Silence speaks a lot,

"Silence speaks a lot, but some times words cannot...
so dont be sad when i dont call or msg u...
bcoz my silence says that...
i miss u a lot..."ash

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100 varsham

SMS by JUST !n

100 varsham thikanja aayusode, aarogyathode jeevikkuvan njan sarweswaranod prarthikkinnu...

Birthday sms

It must have been a rainy day when you

were born, but it wasn’t really rain,

the sky was crying because it lost his

most beautiful angel…

happy birthday dear friend



Janamdin Hai Aapka Sochta Hoon Uphar Kya Doon

Sochta Hoon Ish Varsh Naya Khitab Kya Doon

Gulab Se Badhkar Koi Phool Hota To Deta Jaroor

Magar Jo Khud Gulab Hai Use Gulab Bhi Kya Do.

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SMS by Kabeer

Pakal india'kum ratri pakisthan'um vendi kalikunna kayikatharam aatha..










tintu jokes

kuttikal cheyyuna thettukal eruttine undakunu"swami vivekanandan". eruttil cheyyunna thettukal kuttikale undakunnu"swami tintumon"

ente moodu sheryyalla

2mmorow all schools, colleges, offices, banks, and

all will be closed[holiday]

plz inform this to all govt of india


ente mood sheriyalla


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Good evening

SMS by suryariju

, ; *"*; ,

*; , G, ; *


, ; *"*; ,

*; , O, ; *


, ; *"*; ,

*; , O, ; *


, ; *"*; ,

*; , D, ; *


, ; *"; , ; *"; , ; *"; , ; *; ,

*, ¤ evening. ¤, *

__)(_I _)(_ I_ _)(__

Love Quotes

SMS by Sadath Shan


Lectures takin 1000 classes ll not be equal to a friend teachin in d last minute of an exam :):)Gud morning nice day;-)

Sha 9605545046

Good Morning

SMS by Vijay Raj

, ; *"*; ,

*; , G, ; *


, ; *"*; ,

*; , O, ; *


, ; *"*; ,

*; , O, ; *


, ; *"*; ,

*; , D, ; *


, ; *"; , ; *"; , ; *"; , ; *; ,

¤. Morning. ¤ By Vijay Raj

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happy x mas dr friends...

.. ණ

'Jingle Bells..

Jingle Bells..

Jingle All The Way.. '

Here comes the Christmas with shining stars, sweety cakes, Xmas tree, Xmas gifts & lovely red fat santa..

Wishing u an ever memorable Xmas in advance.. ණash

Facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

Fb. com/ahsms

Christmas SMS

SMS by Sandeep

Christmas is love...

Christmas is dedication...

Christmas is happiness...

Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas with a bunch of love and prayers

Blessed Month of Christmas


It is the month of

Cakes and Candles,

Snow and Songs,

Carols and Joys,

Love and Laughter,

Wishing you a Blessed Month of Christmas!!

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new year 2012

SMS by faheema

There have been many time in 2011

when I may disturbed you

troubled u

irritated u

bugged u





today I just wanna tell you





I plan to continue it in 2012.

New year13

May this new year bring many opportunities to your way,

to explore every joy of life


may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm,

turning all your dreams into reality

and all your efforts into great achievements.

Happy New Year to you

Happy Newyear....

SMS by Habi

Ee puthu varsham Nintethavatte....

Nee Entethum.........


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hii friend....,,,

Its night time and the whole world is asleep!
Caring hearts are awake thinking about special ones like you!!
take care ash

Love Quotes

SMS by Sadath Shan

Best message for a Good Relationship::

"Don't judge a person by what others say,
Because external behaviour cannot show internal truth

Shan Sayss

A Beautiful
'If U never thank God after
every smile...
Then U have no right to blame
him for every tear..!

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One Nation, One Vision, One Identity

“No Nation is Perfect, it needs to be made perfect. ”

Meri Pehchaan Mera India

Happy Republic Day.

Happy Republic Day

SMS by Indian

28 states
1618 languages
6400 Castes
6 Major religions
6 Ethnic Groups
29 major festivals
1 Country!

Be proud to be an INDIAN...

Wish you a Happy Republic Day

Leader of Democracy

SMS by mani stars

Over 25 States, 100 of Languages, 1 billion of People, Different of Culture and life style i n"ONE NATION "Republic Of India. Jai Hind, Vanda madaram.

we wish of all oure Indian Relation in all parts of world. "JOIN INDIAN ARMY"

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happy vishu

SMS by jishnu suresh

Poothulanja konnayum, pazhutha vellarium, puthari chorum, muvandan mambazhavum, vishu pakshiyum manasil veendum ponkaniyorukunnu.


happy vishu

SMS by sanal

Könnappoovinte nairmalyavum, meenachoodil

kulirmayumeki veendumoru








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Be my Valentine

SMS by Lambodharan

You're so beautiful, you're so fine
I wish so dearly that you would be mine
Today and always you are in my heart
so please make me happy, be my valentine
Forever and always, we'll never be apart

Valentine Day Special..

SMS by Kakon Mali

Jab samne hote ho tum ..
Na jane kyo hosh kho baith the hai hum..
Milti hai nazar jab jab tumse..
Sab kuch bhul jate hai hum..
Hoti hai tu itne kareeb..
Phir bhi dil ki baat kehne se ruk jate hum…

4 all loverz,

SMS by -vinu-

a cute love story

a 22 yr old boy got a 16 yr beutiful girlz photo on d street side & he fell in luv wit dat gal...

wit tym his luv 2wards gal grew more n more.

he started luvin dat girl vry much bt he wasn't able 2 meet dat girl..

aftr long yrs his wife saw d photo & askd

"where did u get dz photo"

he askd-"y? "

she said-

"i lost it wen i was 16yrs".

true LOVE nvr fails.

HaPpY VaLeNtInCe DaY


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April Fools SMS 1947

Here is the best SMS of the year 1947

Ha ha ha


There was no mobile or SMS back in 1947..

Advance April Fool Wishes

Charge card

with all love , want to know how you are doing....
Please manage this little charge pin just a token of 1500
4542 4542 2555


. Have you typed it?
Did it enter
call me to know
april fool

phone number

9876543210 this is my new number pls save it.

dont save it bcoz it count down from 9 to 0. again dont go top

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Happy Easter

SMS by Girma

Many persons love you,

Many people like you,

But there is only one who DIED for you..

That is Jesus Christ...

Wish you a blessed "Happy Easter"


SMS by appu


Truth on Earth

SMS by Amali

Jesus proves by HIs resurrection that TRUTH can never be burried and it will come out with force by itself. It may be persecuted and crucified but LIVES FOR EVER. Let us be the TRUTH on earth. Happy Easter.

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EID MUBARAK SMS 9995914191

With petals of roses,
Palm full of holy water,
Light of sunshine,
Fragrance of Flowers


Grass with the dew
I wish a very


Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may learn self-restraint. "Al- Quran, 2: 183

974 66 44 249

happy eid-ul-fitar

/\ ~ * * * *

||| _. -^-. _ * * *

||| (((()))))) * *


wish u happy Eid-ul Fidr...

By Noufal Kareem

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SMS by shainesh

Ona.. sham.. shasha.. Che! Ona. ashamsha.. sa.. Sho ! onaa.. sha.. sam.. …hal… Ummm.. ‘onna’asam.. sha……kla… Eniku vayya Pandaram.. HAPPY ONAM alla pinne…… ~ Shainesh Ranchi. http: //facebook. com/shainesh4u

happy onam

kai niraye kadavaum, muttam niraye kadakkarum,
pocketil 5 paisayum illatha nerath avar
veendum varunnu............


wishing u....

'Happy Onam'.

happy onam

Aishwaryathinteyum samnal samridiyudeyum onam ashamsakal nerunnu....... ...... HAPPY ONAM ...

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Diwali blast

Have a wonderful diwali and blast away your sadness and spread the joy of love and light.
Warm wishes on diwali.

Spread love and light

Spread and share light and love this diwali. Wishing you a happy and prosperous diwali from my heart.

Diwali Business Wishes 1

SMS by Lambodharan

Here is wishing this Diwali illuminate your life with lots of joy, happiness and success!
Diwali Greetings

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Diwali blast

Have a wonderful diwali and blast away your sadness and spread the joy of love and light.
Warm wishes on diwali.

Spread love and light

Spread and share light and love this diwali. Wishing you a happy and prosperous diwali from my heart.

Diwali Business Wishes 1

SMS by Lambodharan

Here is wishing this Diwali illuminate your life with lots of joy, happiness and success!
Diwali Greetings