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Short Message Service or SMS Messages is the shortest and sweetest way to exchange wishes and send greetings to your dear ones. Sending Birthday SMS, Friendship SMS, Love SMS, Good morning and Good night SMSs to your friends and loved one's mobile phones is today a part of daily life to many. To make sending SMS easier here we have a huge collection of the best SMS messages. Find SMS messages for almost all occasion. Friendship SMS Messages, Birthday SMS Messages, Funny SMS Messages etc... Find Malayalam SMS and Malayalam SMS Messages to wish your friends do various occasion.

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action speaks..

Where words fail, action speaks. Where action fails, eyes speak. Where eyes fail, tears speak. And where everything fails, LOVE SPEAKS!

Archimedes Law of LOVE


Archimedes Law of LOVE:

"When a HEART is dipped fully or partially in LOVE,
then the loss in studies is directly proportional to time spent in DREAMS. "


My love for you is like water falling countless The beating of my heart for you is soheavy and soundless. The feeling of being in your arm is so precious and endless.

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Awesome Lines

Awesome Lines Said By A Broken Heart.

"Im Proud of My Heart.. You Know why..

It Has Been Played, Loved, burned & Broken,

But Somehow Still Works.

IN MY Next birth I am UR ________?

IN MY Next birth I am UR ________












Wats ur wish.

4rwrd this 2 ur frndz and get shocking ans Reply me 1st

ash 9846 16 45 23

Lovely times of our life

Lovely times of our life will not return back 4ever. Bt the lovely relation & the missing memories of friends will stay in the heart 4EVER

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100 varsham

SMS by JUST !n

100 varsham thikanja aayusode, aarogyathode jeevikkuvan njan sarweswaranod prarthikkinnu...

Birthday sms

It must have been a rainy day when you

were born, but it wasn’t really rain,

the sky was crying because it lost his

most beautiful angel…

happy birthday dear friend

Wish you happy Birth day

SMS by Naveenraj M

Happy birthday to you may god bless to you happy birthday venkat loose happy birthday to you

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Full form of MATHS...!

SMS by Ammu

Teacher: What is the full form of "MATHS "

Student: M - Mental

A - Attack

T - To

H - Healthy

S - Students

: ): ): ): ): ): )

tintu jokes

kuttikal cheyyuna thettukal eruttine undakunu"swami vivekanandan". eruttil cheyyunna thettukal kuttikale undakunnu"swami tintumon"


Ennodu dheshyamaano

sms polum send cheyyille

Njan ariyatheyalle vaalil chavitiyath!

athine udane marathil kayari irikano?

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good morning in indian style



tak ane wali “NINDIYA” xpress

Prabhat Nagar pahuch chuki hai,

Yatriyo se anurodh hai K wo apne

Hasin Sapno se Jaag jae. Good Morning.


SMS by Le

Snehathode oru goodnight. Vendenkil thirich thannolu.

Love Quotes

SMS by Sadath Shan


Lectures takin 1000 classes ll not be equal to a friend teachin in d last minute of an exam :):)Gud morning nice day;-)

Sha 9605545046

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christmas wishes

SMS by Jilu Jose

Merry Christmas to My Friend...It's such a comfort to know that you're nearby to offer encouragement, support...Brownies!
Happy Holidays>>>............


SMS by Das Lopez

life is like a camera< so face it with smile> with love das

Merry xmas

May grace ur home with his glorios light of this season.

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new year 2012

SMS by faheema

There have been many time in 2011

when I may disturbed you

troubled u

irritated u

bugged u





today I just wanna tell you





I plan to continue it in 2012.

new year greetings 2013

SMS by vivek

May The Every Moment Of Coming

New Year Brings Happiness And

Prosperity In Life, Enjoy The Every

Moment Of Life. Happy New Year.

happy new year

Great sayings about new year every man

Regards his own life as the new years Eve of time

Happy new year

My you long liv long........................

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You Never Know How Strong You Are,
Until Being Strong Is The Only Option You Have Left!! A.s.h

life is like a piano

Life is like a piano!
There are both white & black keys!
Whites represents happy! black is sad!
I wish you that may the rest of your life be the white keys...!!
take care ! :-)ash

hii friend....,,,

Its night time and the whole world is asleep!
Caring hearts are awake thinking about special ones like you!!
take care ash

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Republic Day

SMS by harsha

Lets take decision,

To value our nation,

Shall not forget those sacrifices

Who gave us the freedom..

Now its our turn

To have a reformation..

Happy Independence Day

republic day

other might have forgotten,

But never can i,

The flag of my country furls very high.

Happy Republic day.

Republic Day Greetings

SMS by Sharat

FREEDOM in the mind,

FAITH in the words,

PRIDE in our souls,

Lets salute our Nation on Republic Day!


Happy Republic Day..

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vishu asamsakal

SMS by subair.k

ella malayalikalkum njangalude sneham niranja vishu asamsakal...

Subair. jamshiya. Doha. Qatar

Happy vishu

SMS by FaSaL

Sneham thirichariyan kazhiyunna yellavarkum yende hrdhayam niranja vishu ashamsakal..

happy vishu

SMS by $reekanth

കണി കാണും നേരം കമലനേത്രന്റെ നിറമേറും മഞ്ഞ തുകില്‍ ചാര്‍ത്തി......

Happy Vishu

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Will you be my valentine???

SMS by Lambodharan

I was a little weird and my life was a little weird
then one day I found you, whose weirdness is compatible with mine...
Lets join up and fall in mutual weirdness and lets call it love...
Will you be my valentine??



Happy valentines day

i know its early, but i have hundreds of handsomes and beauties to wish....
So i thought to finish off aunties and uncles first.... !

4 all loverz,

SMS by -vinu-

a cute love story

a 22 yr old boy got a 16 yr beutiful girlz photo on d street side & he fell in luv wit dat gal...

wit tym his luv 2wards gal grew more n more.

he started luvin dat girl vry much bt he wasn't able 2 meet dat girl..

aftr long yrs his wife saw d photo & askd

"where did u get dz photo"

he askd-"y? "

she said-

"i lost it wen i was 16yrs".

true LOVE nvr fails.

HaPpY VaLeNtInCe DaY


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Alzheimer's Test

SMS by nir_anj

How fast can you guess these words with missing letters

1. F_ _K

2. PU_S_

3. S_X

4. P_N_S

5. BOO_S

6. _ _NDOM




3. SIX




You got all six wrong didn't you?

Well, Congratulations!

You don't have Alzheimer's but you are a pervert...

April fool

SMS by Vipin

Njan arinju..

Kochu kalla.. olichu vachekkuvayirunnalle.

Chilavu cheyyanam ketto!

Varunna 1-aam thiyathiyanalle birthday.

Wishes in advance

I am joking

SMS by Mithun Raj

A-u r Attractive B-u r the Best C-u r Cute D-u r Dear 2 me E-u r Excellent F-u r funy G-u r Gud Lukg H-HeHeHe I-I'm J-Jokng

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easter wishings

SMS by george

wishing u and ur family a very 2012 happy easter afdsaresddf

Jesus Christ Lives

SMS by Mathews

Jesus Christ Came for Us and
Died 4 Us
He rose from his dead and lives in us

Wishing you a Precious and Graceful Easter

be careful

SMS by michelle

be careful from other duplicate easter wishes
i am the only ISO certifieddealer in easter wishes happy easter.................

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I am coming to ur house

to give u all types of happiness success & joy

plz welcome me after few minutes

U know I'm Ur's....


Barkaton n Rehmaton ka Mah-e-Mubarak

Happy Ramadan Mubarak

Remember me in ur prayers. See More


Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may learn self-restraint. "Al- Quran, 2: 183

974 66 44 249

"Ramadan kareem;

*. "Ramadan Kareem!"
("Noble (or Generous) Ramadan!")
*. "Ramadan Mubarak!"
("Blessed Ramadan!")
*. "Kul 'am wa enta bi-khair!"
("May every year find you in good health!")
At the end of the month, Muslims observe a holiday called Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking):

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SMS by shainesh

Ona.. sham.. shasha.. Che! Ona. ashamsha.. sa.. Sho ! onaa.. sha.. sam.. …hal… Ummm.. ‘onna’asam.. sha……kla… Eniku vayya Pandaram.. HAPPY ONAM alla pinne…… ~ Shainesh Ranchi. http: //facebook. com/shainesh4u

Happy Onam

May this ONAM bring in u the brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever wished for! Happy Onam!

Happy onam

SMS by pranav

Oru truck niraye

onaaagosham. .

. --, !"""""""""""""'!

/ -? , !KINGFI SHER!


my gift..

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Diwali blast

Have a wonderful diwali and blast away your sadness and spread the joy of love and light.
Warm wishes on diwali.

Happy Diwali everyone

SMS by Susheel Nath

On this auspicious day, let's celebrate the joyous festival of lights and may prosperity and happiness illuminate your life ahead.
Happy Diwali everyone.

Diwali Business Wishes 1

SMS by Lambodharan

Here is wishing this Diwali illuminate your life with lots of joy, happiness and success!
Diwali Greetings

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Diwali blast

Have a wonderful diwali and blast away your sadness and spread the joy of love and light.
Warm wishes on diwali.

Happy Diwali everyone

SMS by Susheel Nath

On this auspicious day, let's celebrate the joyous festival of lights and may prosperity and happiness illuminate your life ahead.
Happy Diwali everyone.

Diwali Business Wishes 1

SMS by Lambodharan

Here is wishing this Diwali illuminate your life with lots of joy, happiness and success!
Diwali Greetings