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Short Message Service or SMS Messages is the shortest and sweetest way to exchange wishes and send greetings to your dear ones. Sending Birthday SMS, Friendship SMS, Love SMS, Good morning and Good night SMSs to your friends and loved one's mobile phones is today a part of daily life to many. To make sending SMS easier here we have a huge collection of the best SMS messages. Find SMS messages for almost all occasion. Friendship SMS Messages, Birthday SMS Messages, Funny SMS Messages etc... Find Malayalam SMS and Malayalam SMS Messages to wish your friends do various occasion.

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സ്നേഹം വെറും പുഞ്ചിരി

SMS by shaheer ak

സ്നേഹം വെറും പുഞ്ചിരിയുടെ പളുങ്കു പാത്രമല്ല..
ഹൃദയ വിശുദ്ധിയുടെയും ആത്മാര്‍ത്ഥയുടെയും..
ദര്‍പ്പണമാണ് സ്നേഹം ... ഷഹീര്‍ പട്ടാമ്പി

Archimedes Law of LOVE


Archimedes Law of LOVE:

"When a HEART is dipped fully or partially in LOVE,
then the loss in studies is directly proportional to time spent in DREAMS. "

When True Love Happens

SMS by bella whit

When true love happens,
There are complications.
There are borders.
There are separations.
There are difficulties.
But most of all,
There is a revaluation,
A revaluation that causes you to never give up,
No matter the complications,
Or the borders,
Or separations,
Or difficulties.
Because true love prevails.

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IN MY Next birth I am UR ________?

IN MY Next birth I am UR ________












Wats ur wish.

4rwrd this 2 ur frndz and get shocking ans Reply me 1st

ash 9846 16 45 23

"Silence speaks a lot,

"Silence speaks a lot, but some times words cannot...
so dont be sad when i dont call or msg u...
bcoz my silence says that...
i miss u a lot..."ash

athmarthadayulla hridayathil

Aazhamulla jalasayathil thazhnu pokatha onnanu thamara. enkil athmarthadayulla hridayathil ninnum orikkalum maanju pokatha onnanu FRIENDSHIP

facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

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100 varsham

SMS by JUST !n

100 varsham thikanja aayusode, aarogyathode jeevikkuvan njan sarweswaranod prarthikkinnu...

Birthday sms

It must have been a rainy day when you

were born, but it wasn’t really rain,

the sky was crying because it lost his

most beautiful angel…

happy birthday dear friend

happy birthday to shibi(shalom)

SMS by celesty

Wishing you a Health, Happiness, and Love

on your Special Day & Always.



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god is greate

why boys go 2 temple? bcoz temple the only place 2 find


deepa. m







god is great

Thrilling Family story

Thriling family story. Mom, Dad n Son(Hero)

Boy saw girl, lovd her.
Luckly she cums opp his house,
he proposes her

Love goes smoothly

Dad saw son wid gal


Dad- who's tht gal.. ?

Son- I Love dat gal & i wil marry her..

Dad is shocked.. !!

Climax, ;

Dad- imposible, she's ur sister, u cant marry her..

Son shocked.. !!
Mom- dont wory son, I w'l arange ur marriage, u r not his Son..
Now Dad shocked.....

SMS by Tintumon

Teacher: Why girls wear a "shall"on the top of the Churidar?
Tintu: Because it is an Indian Tradition to cover all the eating and drinking Materials When not in use...

Search my email id in Google talk, Orkut and Face book..

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Against Life

വാക്കുകള്‍ കൊണ്ട് കൊട്ടാരം കെട്ടാനാകും ജീവിതത്തില്‍
ഒരു നോക്ക് കൊണ്ട് തകരും ആ കൊട്ടാരവും ഒപ്പം ജീവിതവും .... ജെ ജെ

durty lovers ke liye

SMS by amardada

my dear froad lovers...

her kutte ko bi yek din aate hai....

her kutte ko bi yek din aate hai....















usi tarah turah se tumhaare liye bi ye morning aayaa hai.....


Yaad karna

SMS by Dimpal deva

Apni nind se to hum bhi pyar karte hain. Is liye aap ki nind subha_subha kharab karte hain, log rabb ko yaad karte hai, ham subah-2 apko yaad karte hai. G. M

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hii dr friends...

1 X'mas Tree!

1 lakh Candles!

1 crore Baloons!

1 million Stars!

1 billion Wishes!


1 hearty Prayer. !

Sending u my advncd x'mas nd new year.. ash

Facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

Merry xmas

May grace ur home with his glorios light of this season.

Merry X-mas

You are special, you are unique; may your Christmas be also as special and unique as you are! Merry Christmas!

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My wishes in 2014God gives you,12 month of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days success, 8760 hours good health, 52600 minutes good luck, 3153600 seconds of joy and thats all.. May special memories brighten your new year Happy New Year !!!

happy new year

SMS by PS Rahul

Happy new year...May God spread prosperity and joy in your life on this New Year and fulfill all your dreams.

new year 2012

SMS by faheema

There have been many time in 2011

when I may disturbed you

troubled u

irritated u

bugged u





today I just wanna tell you





I plan to continue it in 2012.

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You Never Know How Strong You Are,
Until Being Strong Is The Only Option You Have Left!! A.s.h

our life,,,,...''''

Our life is what we make it by our own thoughts and deeds...
Better to b king 4 a nyt than a slave 4 a life time..
So believe ur self...& make happy..

g00d morNing

SMS by MaNu

•. ¸¸. •♥•. ¸¸. •♥•. ¸¸. •♥
•. ¸¸. •♥•. ¸¸. •♥•. ¸¸. •♥

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Republic Day

SMS by harsha

Lets take decision,

To value our nation,

Shall not forget those sacrifices

Who gave us the freedom..

Now its our turn

To have a reformation..

Happy Independence Day



One Nation, One Vision, One Identity

“No Nation is Perfect, it needs to be made perfect. ”

Meri Pehchaan Mera India

Happy Republic Day.

Leader of Democracy

SMS by mani stars

Over 25 States, 100 of Languages, 1 billion of People, Different of Culture and life style i n"ONE NATION "Republic Of India. Jai Hind, Vanda madaram.

we wish of all oure Indian Relation in all parts of world. "JOIN INDIAN ARMY"

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Orupidi konapoovum
Vishu kaniyum
Vishu kainetavumayi
Veendum Meda masam pularunu
Samrithiyudeyum santhoshathinteyum
snehathinteyum pradekamaya
"Vishu 2013 Ashamsakal"

Happy vishu

SMS by Brinjith

Snehathinteyum samridhiyudeyum saahodharyathinteyum oraayiram vishu aasamsakal

with love Brinjith 0553698538

vishu 2012

SMS by rajendran

samridhiyuteyum snehathinteyum orayiram vishu asamsakal

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Happy valentines day

i know its early, but i have hundreds of handsomes and beauties to wish....
So i thought to finish off aunties and uncles first.... !

True valentine!

"Next Time If It Rain,Try To Catch Few Drops In Your Hand...The Drops You Catch Is The Amount Of You Loving Me...And The Amount You Miss Is The Amount Of I Am Loving You..."

4 all loverz,

SMS by -vinu-

a cute love story

a 22 yr old boy got a 16 yr beutiful girlz photo on d street side & he fell in luv wit dat gal...

wit tym his luv 2wards gal grew more n more.

he started luvin dat girl vry much bt he wasn't able 2 meet dat girl..

aftr long yrs his wife saw d photo & askd

"where did u get dz photo"

he askd-"y? "

she said-

"i lost it wen i was 16yrs".

true LOVE nvr fails.

HaPpY VaLeNtInCe DaY


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April Fools SMS 1947

Here is the best SMS of the year 1947

Ha ha ha


There was no mobile or SMS back in 1947..

Advance April Fool Wishes

I am joking

SMS by Mithun Raj

A-u r Attractive B-u r the Best C-u r Cute D-u r Dear 2 me E-u r Excellent F-u r funy G-u r Gud Lukg H-HeHeHe I-I'm J-Jokng

phone number

9876543210 this is my new number pls save it.

dont save it bcoz it count down from 9 to 0. again dont go top

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happy Easter

Wishing U a Very "HAPPY EASTER"
Wid Luv And Best Wishes..
May That EASTER Day Brings
LOT of Happiness And JOYS in ur LIFE.
May u Live Long LIFE...
And That EASTER day Will comes in UR life Hundred Times...
Remember me in ur prayers..

easter wishings

SMS by george

wishing u and ur family a very 2012 happy easter afdsaresddf

Truth on Earth

SMS by Amali

Jesus proves by HIs resurrection that TRUTH can never be burried and it will come out with force by itself. It may be persecuted and crucified but LIVES FOR EVER. Let us be the TRUTH on earth. Happy Easter.

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Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may learn self-restraint. "Al- Quran, 2: 183

974 66 44 249

happy eid-ul-fitar

/\ ~ * * * *

||| _. -^-. _ * * *

||| (((()))))) * *


wish u happy Eid-ul Fidr...

By Noufal Kareem

Eid Mubarak

SMS by Crysta

Eid Mubarak to all viewers of Prokerala. com.

May Allah Bless You and Keep You safe.

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manasil sneahathitea orayiram
virinju nilkkunna
ee chingamasa pulariyil
entea sneahamanu
ninakkullla ona sammanam........
"happy onam"

happy onam

May this ONAM bring in u the brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever wished for! Happy Onam!


SMS by saranya

haiii dear frnds.....

Onam Varavayi !!!

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Diwali wishes

SMS by Lambodharan

Wishing you a Bright and Prosperous Diwali
and a happy new year full of peace and prosperity


SMS by seema rani

May millions of lamps illuminate your life
with endless joy, prosperity,health & wealth forever
Wishing you and your family a very

Happy Diwali friends

SMS by Susheel Nath

May the beauty of this diwali fill your home with all kinds of happiness and joy.
Happy Diwali friends!!!!

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Diwali wishes

SMS by Lambodharan

Wishing you a Bright and Prosperous Diwali
and a happy new year full of peace and prosperity


SMS by seema rani

May millions of lamps illuminate your life
with endless joy, prosperity,health & wealth forever
Wishing you and your family a very

Happy Diwali friends

SMS by Susheel Nath

May the beauty of this diwali fill your home with all kinds of happiness and joy.
Happy Diwali friends!!!!