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Short Message Service or SMS Messages is the shortest and sweetest way to exchange wishes and send greetings to your dear ones. Sending Birthday SMS, Friendship SMS, Love SMS, Good morning and Good night SMSs to your friends and loved one's mobile phones is today a part of daily life to many. To make sending SMS easier here we have a huge collection of the best SMS messages. Find SMS messages for almost all occasion. Friendship SMS Messages, Birthday SMS Messages, Funny SMS Messages etc... Find Malayalam SMS and Malayalam SMS Messages to wish your friends do various occasion.

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Archimedes Law of LOVE


Archimedes Law of LOVE:

"When a HEART is dipped fully or partially in LOVE,
then the loss in studies is directly proportional to time spent in DREAMS. "

i love her so much

SMS by Prakash Tomar

isk dharya he jiska sahil nhe hota, har dil muhabt ke kabil nhe hota, rota wo bhe he jo duba isk me aur rota wo bhe he jise isk hasil nhe ho ta {hapy valentine day to all frendj}

first love

SMS by Khunthan Htay

hay baby... u know...
When i will see you first time i decide my life is only with u
so dear please accept my true love....

khunthanhtay (LL.B), (MBA)

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Good Vision and Clarity again!

Sometimes, God fills Our eyes with tears.

Perhaps, He makes our eyes washed so that, We couldd see Life with a Good Vision and Clarity again!!

ajeeshkpz@gmail. com

"Silence speaks a lot,

"Silence speaks a lot, but some times words cannot...
so dont be sad when i dont call or msg u...
bcoz my silence says that...
i miss u a lot..."ash

hii friend......,,,,

A Friend says,

"I Will be with you in all your troubles "..... But a Best Friend says,

"You will have no troubles when I'am with You ". by. a. s. h

facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

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wishing him for his birthday


happy birthday lucky. wish you a happy birthday. enjoy your life. I pray to god that he gives you lots of happiness. enjoy your life


SMS by Julie Bowen

you girls will forever be the love of my life, forever and always!!!!!!

happy birth day

SMS by pr

I have been thinking

of all the special times

we have shared

I have such fond

memories of our

heart to heart talks

of sharing secrets,

Dreams and even tears. Happy Birthday! and many many happy returns of the day. (priyanka)

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SMS by @Akh!naRosh!n

'' Hamsa, Hamsa.. , ''

'' yes pappa ''

'' chakkara thinno? ''

'' illuppa ''

'' ij nona parayalle ''

'' illuppa.. ''

'' tholla thorakkeen... ''

'' Ha.. ha.. ha! ''


Ennodu dheshyamaano

sms polum send cheyyille

Njan ariyatheyalle vaalil chavitiyath!

athine udane marathil kayari irikano?

SMS by Tintumon

Teacher: Why girls wear a "shall"on the top of the Churidar?
Tintu: Because it is an Indian Tradition to cover all the eating and drinking Materials When not in use...

Search my email id in Google talk, Orkut and Face book..

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good morning in indian style



tak ane wali “NINDIYA” xpress

Prabhat Nagar pahuch chuki hai,

Yatriyo se anurodh hai K wo apne

Hasin Sapno se Jaag jae. Good Morning.

Early riser

SMS by bella whit

Good morning, early riser.
You wake the sun
to start the day
And tell the moon to go away.
Open your curtains,
Open your eyes,
And view the beautiful surprise.
For today you shall not wake the sun,
But the sun shall wake you.

Love Quotes

SMS by Sadath Shan


Lectures takin 1000 classes ll not be equal to a friend teachin in d last minute of an exam :):)Gud morning nice day;-)

Sha 9605545046

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Blessed Month of Christmas


It is the month of

Cakes and Candles,

Snow and Songs,

Carols and Joys,

Love and Laughter,

Wishing you a Blessed Month of Christmas!!



I have given your address to three people. They may be

visiting at your place tonight. They are Love, Wealth and

Happiness. Merry Xmas.

Merry xmas

May grace ur home with his glorios light of this season.

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Abhiram Revati Naidu

SMS by madhu rathna3

New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations,New is the resolution, new are the spirits andForever my warm wishes are for you.Have a promising and fulfilling New Year.

new year 2012

SMS by faheema

There have been many time in 2011

when I may disturbed you

troubled u

irritated u

bugged u





today I just wanna tell you





I plan to continue it in 2012.

happy new year

SMS by faith adepiti

To my love one i wish you happy new year, year 2014 will wonderful for us im Jesus name.

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You Never Know How Strong You Are,
Until Being Strong Is The Only Option You Have Left!! A.s.h

our life what we make..

Our life is what we make it by our own thoughts and deeds...
Better to b king 4 a nyt than a slave 4 a life time..
So believe ur self...& make happy..
..take care..

my pain that can never be nursed

SMS by Abdul Striker

those painfull words
those marks made by her
every thing are in same place when where she left me

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republic day wishes

Still Sleeping?
The nation need you !
You need to be Awaken !
You are part of worlds biggest Democracy ..
Today is the day when We got our own constitution..
Its Indian Republic Day..
Wake up and Value the Day - 26 the January.

republic day

other might have forgotten,

But never can i,

The flag of my country furls very high.

Happy Republic day.

TINTU ARE MON.............



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happy wishu

SMS by ajnasahmed




kan niraye

kani kanan




vishu varavayi


vishu 2012

SMS by rajendran

samridhiyuteyum snehathinteyum orayiram vishu asamsakal

happy vishu

SMS by $reekanth

കണി കാണും നേരം കമലനേത്രന്റെ നിറമേറും മഞ്ഞ തുകില്‍ ചാര്‍ത്തി......

Happy Vishu

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Will you be my valentine???

SMS by Lambodharan

I was a little weird and my life was a little weird
then one day I found you, whose weirdness is compatible with mine...
Lets join up and fall in mutual weirdness and lets call it love...
Will you be my valentine??

True valentine!

"Next Time If It Rain,Try To Catch Few Drops In Your Hand...The Drops You Catch Is The Amount Of You Loving Me...And The Amount You Miss Is The Amount Of I Am Loving You..."

Happy Valentine Riaaz


I Really Miss You...

I wnt 2 hug You..

2 feel dat I'am With You...

Valentine's Are im4tant Dayz To Us..

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April Fools SMS 1947

Here is the best SMS of the year 1947

Ha ha ha


There was no mobile or SMS back in 1947..

Advance April Fool Wishes

Bad morning

SMS by MiRsA

Alliya wake up. Da bad morning

by fasil 9809438073

Charge card

with all love , want to know how you are doing....
Please manage this little charge pin just a token of 1500
4542 4542 2555


. Have you typed it?
Did it enter
call me to know
april fool

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Happy Easter

SMS by Girma

Many persons love you,

Many people like you,

But there is only one who DIED for you..

That is Jesus Christ...

Wish you a blessed "Happy Easter"

It is finished

This is the threefold truth on which our faith depends: Christ has died! Christ is risen!... Christ will... come again!... Hapi Easter!

Truth on Earth

SMS by Amali

Jesus proves by HIs resurrection that TRUTH can never be burried and it will come out with force by itself. It may be persecuted and crucified but LIVES FOR EVER. Let us be the TRUTH on earth. Happy Easter.

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Wishing u 1 month of ramadan,

4 weeks of barkat,

30 days of forgiveness,

720 hours of guidance,

43200 minutes of purification,

2592000 secs of Nuur.. !!


I am coming to ur house

to give u all types of happiness success & joy

plz welcome me after few minutes

U know I'm Ur's....


Barkaton n Rehmaton ka Mah-e-Mubarak

Happy Ramadan Mubarak

Remember me in ur prayers. See More


Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may learn self-restraint. "Al- Quran, 2: 183

974 66 44 249

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happy onam

May this ONAM bring in u the brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever wished for! Happy Onam!

onam vannaaaaa

SMS by vijesh xavier

...... pokalam vanna pokalam

Povondo ninnil povondo.......

I wish a HAPPY ONAM all my freindssss

Vijesh xavier l



SMS by saranya

haiii dear frnds.....

Onam Varavayi !!!

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Diwali blast

Have a wonderful diwali and blast away your sadness and spread the joy of love and light.
Warm wishes on diwali.


SMS by seema rani

Wishing you a Sparkling and Prosperous Diwali..
Also sending you good wishes for a happy new year with plenty of peace and prosperity.

Words are Few - Diwali Greetings

SMS by Lambodharan

Happy Diwali and Good Luck for New Year.
Words are Few but Feelings are True.

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Diwali blast

Have a wonderful diwali and blast away your sadness and spread the joy of love and light.
Warm wishes on diwali.


SMS by seema rani

Wishing you a Sparkling and Prosperous Diwali..
Also sending you good wishes for a happy new year with plenty of peace and prosperity.

Words are Few - Diwali Greetings

SMS by Lambodharan

Happy Diwali and Good Luck for New Year.
Words are Few but Feelings are True.