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Friendship SMS - Best Free Friendship SMS

Make your friends feel special by sending them the best Friendship SMS Messages. Let your friends know how much your care for them. Here you'll be able to find some of the shortest and sweetest Friendship SMS to share the joy and spirit of friendship with your friends.

Choose from a variety of SMS messages the best message with will lighten up your friend's day.

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i wan your Good friendship

SMS by Jabir neerad

I'm Jabir
pls add me
whatsapp : +974 300 79 400

Freinds caring sms

Apni pyari Muskan kabi mat khona, Meri Kisi baat pr naraz mt hona,
Achha lagta hai aapoka haste hua dekh kar, bus jindgai me aap kabhi udas mat hona

to my friend

SMS by Raziya

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow
Don't walk back of me, I may not lead
Walk besides me, and be my friend

Raziya 8547301222

puduma niranjhad

SMS by basi

hai frinds.
idil ninn nalla mesgukal kittalund.
tanx to all persons.
my whatspp 9846687266
nalladin conact me

Again New trendz will Rises

ωнєη тяєη∂z αяє яσcкιηg ωє
∂ση"т вσтнєя αвσυт тнαт..
вєcαυѕє, ωє нανє συя σωη

my loveli frend

Dukkagal niranja jeevidattil punchiri tarunna oru bantha maanu frend ship
muhammed varalan

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everithing in lyf...

Evrythng in lyf hs a beautfl endng... If its nt so, den bliev dat itz nt d end, itz jst d bgng of smthng more beautfl. :-)


jenuvariyile ee moodal manjil kulichu vanna puthu varshathil evarkkum nall friendship undakatte
by prathap from Qatar

love for her

SMS by roland

life is paper, human is hope, moon light is flash, you are glue love is everlasting.

im alone give me a friendship

I never expect you to miss me. But I'll
always drop my message into your Inbox
to show I still 'remember' you, with or
without your message!

Whatsapp contact ..9567374358
Save me ..

missing some one

Relations walk lightly into our life & slowly into our heart. At first, we never care who they are, Later, without them we don't know who we are.So don't break the relationship without any reasons.

Feeling sad Skype : Rimshad.Shan 9567374358

പരസ്പര വിശ്വാസമില്ലാത്തിടത്ത്
'പ്രണയം' വെറുമൊരു പേര്
മാത്രമാണ്..!!!! feeeling sad

Sms :- 9567374358 (whatsapp)
Skype : Rimshad.shan
Nimbz : Love.rim

I need Abrod Friends..

I need your friendship...

Whatsapp :- 9567374358
skype :- Rimshad.shan
Nimbuz : Rimshad.edk or Love.rim

Im Love to be your friendship ....
I love your ...

I love my friend I will naver Mis my friends

SMS by Suresh Matli

24 sweet hours make 1 sweet day!
7 sweet days make 1 sweet week!
4 sweet weeks make 1 sweet month!
But 1 sweet friend like ‘U’
Make my whole life sweet.
I want tru friends this is Ur friend suresh cal me 9985739558

Friends i like your sms

SMS by Manseer Mns

ella msg kalum adipoliyanu
Msg eniku whatsapp vazhi ayachu tharamooo
Manseer mns 9744897037

True Loving Frnds

A true loving Friend may
not talk with u everyday!
May not meet u every time!
Always thinks about u & your happiness.!

Do u want The taste of Love..
add me

dear my dear frd enthann sahurdam enu eana padipicha ch

SMS by Aachu 2

Jivitham oneyulu Aachu e mannil jivanai neyeyulu enante ulil.....

True friendship never ends....

Beautiful friendship Saying:
“Life can give us a number of
Beautiful Friends!”
“Only True Friends can give
us a Beautiful Life…!!”

I love u my frnd

Fishes travel in water, birds travel in air, but my dear friend, like you travel in my heart. please continue your journey my best friend.

Happy new year ..

SMS by ramesh nani

May this year brings to you an happiness ...
success an enjoy ments to you....%%All the best to one and all..%%
Happy new year ..

jeevikkan arhadayilla.

SMS by Hasnu Swalih

"kaalangal kazhiyum thorum bandhangal marann pokunnavarkk jeevikkan arhathayilla."

'Never expect anythng in return from any1'.But d truth is..when v realy care 4 sum1,v naturaly start expecting a little care from them...!'. .


Skype : Rimshad.shan Download Free Skype : Rimshad.Sha

i Need Your Friendship..

Skype :- Rimshad.shan

whatsapp :- 9567374358
. Sms :- 9567374358

akhil kavya

SMS by Akhil Akky

lover is a call
lift cheyakapote cut avthundi.

friend is a msg
chudaka poyna
inbox lo wait chesthadu.

so don't forget your frnds...

Thank you forever

SMS by bella whit

Thank you forever,
For being there,
Even when no one else was.
Thank you,
For sticking up for me,
Even through the tough times.
But thank you,
Most of all,
For your presence, not your presents.

remember friend

Moon smile when sky is clear. Sun smile when when rain is over. Baby smile when mother is near. I smile & happy when u remember me as friend.

ℳσℳɨй дђʂђάη ʂцℳσй

sharfudeen pm

SMS by Sharfudeen Pm

Hridhayam snthamakkunna kamukiyekkal
namukku valuthu
chodichal hridhayam parichu tharunna
friends alle
friendship friendship friendship
sharfudeen pm

Friendly sms

SMS by Al ameen

Karanja dhinangle orthu nokiyaalachiri
that's love
chircha dhinangle orthu nokiyaal karchil
that's frndshp
by Ameen Mannarkkad- 9809100379

Happy new year

SMS by Sagar Shahi

Happy new year to all of my fnd.I hope you are will enjoy on thise year.I will be pray to gods for all of your's whises.
my mob-8898082016


SMS by Saaam Semmi

Pakarunna Vigaraman Dhukham
patharunna Avayavaman Hridayam
Parayanavatha Anubhuthiyan Pranayam
Piriyanavatha Avasthayanu Friendship

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