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  • Friendship and Respe

    | SMS by Sudheer_kp

    Friendship is not about finding similarities, it is about respecting

    differences. You are not my friend coz you are like me, but because i accept you and respect you the way

    you are.

  • Friend Forever

    | SMS by Rahul_s

    Among your million friends,
    Let me be one

    To share a


    To fight with U

    To be with U

    as your lovely friend


  • Friendship stays Forever & Ever

    | SMS by Rahul_s

    Time goes so fast, life asks so much, No wonder friends get out

    of touch!
    But in hearts deep, true, unseen, friendship stays forever and ever...


    | SMS by shibin_george

    Pure FRIENDSHIP is SUGARCANE you crush it,
    twist it, squeeze

    it, beat it to pulp; all that u will get only "SWEETNESS"...

  • I made my friend in this world

    | SMS by Nikhil

    People say friends are made in heaven & they come in your

    But i made my friend in this world & made my life a Heaven

  • Moments of Friendship

    | SMS by linu_sam

    "We always know that looking back on tears would make us laugh. But we

    never know that looking back at moments we laugh together would make us cry"

  • My good luck

    | SMS by gop_pichanattu

    Sweet Roses are easy to Catch..
    Sweet Words are easy to Speak..

    But Sweet Friends not easy to get.
    But my good luCk, i got ur Cute frieNdSHip..

  • Illusion of eyes Make the art:MAGIC!

    | SMS by anish kollam

    Illusion of eyes Make the art: MAGIC!


    eyes fails in desert: MIRAGE!

    Finally, once again it fails..
    When 'I' think

    You are always there near me..

  • U are in MY HEART

    | SMS by joshy

    If you feel you are in a black room
    feels its walls are shaking

    feels smell blood
    you didn't fear my dear because

    U are in MY HEART!!!

  • Hey i am your Friend

    | SMS by linu_sam

    When you win I will proudly tell the world,

    "Hey!That's my


    But when you lose, I will sit by your side, hold your hand and say,

    "Hey i am your Friend"

  • I miss u

    | SMS by Muhammad rayiz

    If you think I'm always thinking of u, u are wrong.

    I think of u

    when only i miss u,
    but i always miss u..

  • Romantic Countries

    | SMS by Nikhil

    There are some romantic countries in the world.

    H. O. L. L. A. N. D
    Hope your Love Lasts And Never Dies.

    I. T. A. L. Y
    I Trust

    And Love You

    L. I. B. Y. A
    Love is Beautiful, You Also

    But, This my


    F. R. A. N. C. E
    F'ship Remains And Never Comes To An End.

  • Golden quote

    | SMS by linu_sam

    Golden quote by Abraham Lincoln:

    "If friendship is ur weakest point

    then u r the strongest person in the world"

  • Great salute to friendship!!!

    | SMS by linu_sam

    At age 3 we started our studies with
    tears in eyes and

    at age 21 we will
    finish our studies with tears in heart..

    The first tear is

    simply a water due to
    missing of our parents and the second one
    will be blood due to

    the missing of our
    friends.. !

    Great salute to friendship!!!

  • Friendship is a lovely track

    Friendship is a lovely track
    travelled by 2, with hand in hand,
    2 care, 2 share, 2 forgive and to say silently "I am always with U"

  • A lovely Friendship

    | SMS by Allen Joshua

    A lovely friendship should have the determination of a mirror
    which never loses its ability to reflect even if it is broken into a thousand pieces...

  • Friendship is my ambition

    | SMS by Arun

    Remembering u is my basic necessity.
    Missing u is my mistake.
    Disturbing u with SMS is my duty.
    But keeping our lovely friendship is my ambition.

  • When I was Sitting Alone...

    When I was sitting alone, I heard someone calling ur name. But when I looked around I saw no one. Then I realized it was my heart saying "I Miss u Friend"

  • In a Pot there are 10 Fishes

    In a Pot there r 10 fishes, 1 died, and water level increases-how?

    Think Little ???

    The other fishes r crying... That's Friendship

  • A beautiful friendship SMS

    | SMS by Allen Joshua

    Friend are the one who luv u the most, but sometimes hurt u a lot,
    but then again they r the only one who feel your pain the most...
    So don't loose your friends

  • Friends live in Heart

    | SMS by A Good Friend

    A was dead and his soul was taken to heaven.
    God was shocked to see his heart beat.
    Man replied, "Only I am dead.. But my friends still live in my heart"

  • Sweet Persons

    | SMS by Allen Joshua

    Sometimes eyes get jealous of heart

    you know why???

    Its simple..

    Sometimes sweet people remains close to heart

    but far away from eyes...

  • Be My Friend Forever

    | SMS by Allen Joshua

    Hurt me, tease me, scold me,

    Even make me cry,

    But in the end give me a shoulder on which i can cry...

    Be my friend for ever... !!

  • Beautiful meaning to life

    | SMS by Allan Joshua

    Its not the presence of someone that brings meaning to life.

    But the way someone touches your heart gives life a beautiful Meaning

  • they love u a lot

    | SMS by akhil k ashok

    If u make small mistake, it looks like a very big mistake for your loved one's.

    So if anyone is angry on u for you little mistake think that they love u a lot....

  • dearest friend 4ever

    | SMS by sanal thomas

    I made a list of special people in my life with pencil, but when i reached ur name i used pen coz i decided 2 keep u 4ever as my dearest friend....

  • Why we like some people more than others

    | SMS by Bibin

    We never know why we like some people more than others.

    Why we love some people without reason..

    Why we feel happy about meeting them..

    But, happiness is all about having such people in life.

  • Beautiful Friendship SMS Quote

    | SMS by Bibin

    Best words by a true friend:

    "My care will be in the heart and not in words and My anger will be in my wards and not in my heart"


    | SMS by Prema


  • Friendship

    | SMS by veeranna Aradhya

    Friendship is silent gift of nature,
    more old more strong....
    More deep more clear....
    more close more warm....
    Less words more understood..

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