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    RëmëmBër mE liKë a DëädflOwër iN yöuR nOtë Böök!
    It mAy nOt häVë änY fräGräncë!
    WiLl rëmiNd yOü öF mY eXistëncë iN yöuR Lifë fOrëvër.
    take care!:-)


    A true sayin:

    "The day your best ones stop bringing their
    problems to you is the day you have lost your
    name from their hearts!!"...

  • Way to Love

    | SMS by Shan 9605545046

    Never Feel Lonely,
    Coz 4 Evry Mili Second Sum1 Thinks Abt
    U, Maybe Ur Parents,
    Ur Frnds Or Ur Relatives,
    But Now Its Me ........


  • cute and beauty

    Cute and Beauty Lines:
    "Comparison is the best way to judge ur progress...
    But not with others, compare ur yesterday with ur today!"

  • Teri masroof zindagi se koi Aitraz nahi Hai mujhe A Dos

    | SMS by Md Rahi

    Teri Masroof Zindagi se koi aitraz nahi hai mujhe A dost Kis
    Hal Main Hai Hum Itna Tho Puch Liya kijiye Md Naseem Riyadh

  • i love my friend

    | SMS by ASHIQ ALI

    true friends have the unique character of salt...
    their presence is never remembered....but their absence makes everyeverything tasteless..

  • i love my friend

    | SMS by ASHIQ ALI

    make new friends,but keep the old. one is silver and other is gold

  • i love my friend

    | SMS by ASHIQ ALI

    i believe in angels , the kind that heaven sends, i am surrounded by angels but i call them my best friends


    | SMS by nalla payyan

    Never abandon old friends. They are hard 2 replace. Friendships is like wine: it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER. Just like us... i get BETTER, u get OLDER


    | SMS by nalla payyan

    Age appears to be best in some things. Old wood best to burn. Old books best to read. Old rice best to eat and old friends best to keep

  • f........

    | SMS by Rasheeque4u

    Two Friends Sitting on a Top of The
    1st Friend: If I Say To You Jump
    Down, Will You Do?

    2nd Friend: Yes, I Will

    1st Friend: Why?

    2nd Friend: Because I Know You
    Will Catch My Hand And Pull Me Up
    1st Friend: If i Don't Then ...?

    2nd Friend: Then I'll Die With The
    Belief that
    My Friend Tried His Best But
    Couldn't Save Me ..!
    "Friendship is Not About Doing
    But About Believing Some One"

    gudnyt dr frd

  • i love my friend

    | SMS by ASHIQ ALI

    in our life happiness is more important than smile becoz smile comes from the lips ..but happiness comes from the heart...
    so be happy forever

  • memory is such a funny thing...

    Memory is such a funny thing...
    We spend whole life time trying to forget something.
    But we can't..
    And then if we trying to remember something small are unable to..,
    like u forget me!!

  • Friendship = Love

    | SMS by Rasheeque4u

    All the people in
    the world says
    that friendship is
    greater than love..
    But nobody knows
    that friendship means

    loving someone.

    Rash4u (9633712320)

  • smile 4 ever

    Smile is the best credit card bcoz
    1.acceptd worldwide reload
    3.unlimitd usage payment
    5.makes every one happy.

    So keep smiling..

  • 9645576075

    | SMS by shafi

    ela thumbukalil veyunna mazayude sangeetham pole.....
    vishuddhaman hrdhaya thandhrikalil ninnuyarunna sowhrdhathinte sangeetham....

  • 9645576075

    | SMS by shafi

    a; e; i; o; u
    anne akshragal ellatha oru penkutty yude peru parayamo enikk ariyam ....

  • hii friends.,.,.,.,

    Knock! Knock!
    May I come into your world?
    I bring no flowers...
    no gifts...
    Wishes to keep you fresh!
    Prayers to keep you healthy!
    Care to keep you smiling!
    take: care: :-)

  • Lovly Friend u

    | SMS by Shan 9605545046

    A beautiful frndship
    once formed remains 4 life..
    V may b far frm each other,
    but msgs r like bridges 2 make us
    feel that always remembered.

  • good relation with all,,,

    To have Good Relations with All...
    We should keep our nature like a Theatre Screen!
    It accept all characters!
    Remains Peacefully 'WHITE'

  • many time i lose my best friends

    "Many times i lose my best friends bcz i m
    unable 2 express
    how special they r to me.
    So this msg is for my sweet frnd whom i never want to lose"

  • the serch for happiness

    "The search for happiness is the main reason for Unhappiness..
    Accept the life in the way it comes. YOU will find happiness in every moment."

  • its not your mistake

    Its not your mistake when you can't read the eyes which cheats you!
    Its really your mistake if can't read the eyes which truely cares you!!

  • always stay with sweet smile

    Always stay wit a sweet smile, dont get upset for small n silly things. Remember! only ur loved ones can hurt u badly .4give n show love again.

  • never beg 4 any relation

    "never beg 4 any relation..b brave enough 2 accept d one who want 2 b with u n reject d one who only show they r with u..!"

  • clouds gift rain....

    Cloud's Gift
    *Sea's Gift
    *Air's Gift
    *Flower's Gift
    *God's Gift
    *Ur Gift

  • 4 All Friendz

    | SMS by Shan 9605545046

    whu is a True And
    Great Frnd??
    . .
    One Who Attends
    the Waiting Call of a
    When Lover is on
    the Line. :-)


  • i hide my tears

    I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I Smile & Seem Carefree, There is no one Who misses you more than ME!..


    Words fall short whenever I want to tell you da how special you are to me!
    But... all I can say is that my world is full of smiles having You as my special ever!!ash

  • Shan Say's

    | SMS by Shan 9605545046

    Ever green quote
    ever told by Jerry in cartoon"
    "A Person Who Irritates u
    Always Is the one Who Loves u
    Vry Much But Fails to Express

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