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  • Opportunity Never Knocks Twice

    | SMS by Allen Joshua

    A door knocked twice..

    Insider: "Who's der?? "

    Ans: "Its Me... OPPORTUNITY. "

    Insider: "You are wrong, coz opportunity never knocks twice.

    Remember this!!

  • Confusing day in America

    | SMS by Allen Joshua

    Which is the most confusing day in America??




    Father's Day... !!!

    Nobody knows whom to wish!!! Funny country...

  • Kuttichathan SMS

    | SMS by Kuttichathan

    A kuttichathan came and asked me

    "I want to trouble some good people"

    I suggested your name. It slapped me and
    "We don't mess with our boss"

  • Honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    | SMS by Allan joshua

    Sardar 1: I am very clever. i went alone 4 honeymoon&saved half money.............

    Sardar 2: u r fool, i saved even that...
    my frnd was going &i sent my wife with him................................

  • A Boy's Pray...

    A Boy Prayed:
    Oh God, give me 1Bag full of money, a job, big vehicle full of Girls!!!

    GOD: Ur Wish is Fullfilled and he became

  • haha nude beach aka the bigger the dumber

    | SMS by Starrla wheeler

    one day parents take their 6-yr old son to a nude beach as they are walkking along the beach the son noticed some of the women had larger breasts than his mother he asked her why. she told him the bigger the dumber. satisfyed with this answer he went to swim. a few minutes later he returned and asked his mom why some of the men had larger penises than his dad she told him the bigger the dumber. he returned to swimming. a few minutes later he returned and declared"mom dads talking to the dumbest girl on the beach and the longer he talks the stupider he gets!!"

  • Sardar's marriage

    | SMS by sanal thomas

    Sardarji fixed his marriage on 2'nd March. He send invitation to his friends

    like this.
    "Marriage is on 2'nd, Please come on 1'st night".

  • DOCOMO tune

    | SMS by aravind

    222 222 222 222 222





    Didn't understand???
    DOCOMO tune

  • Name in Japanese!

    | SMS by shibingeorge

    Try your name in japanese!
    A-ka B-tu C-mi D-te E-ku F-lu

    G-ji H-ri I-ki J-zu K-me L-ta M-rin N-to O-mo P-no Q-ke R-shi S-ari T-chi U-do

    V-ru W-mei x-na Y-fu Z-zi

    sender: ari ri ki tu ki to (Shibin)

  • Height of Language miss use

    | SMS by sreenath

    height of language miss use:
    student watching monkey out

    of the window & teacher scold him,

    "Why are you watching monkey outside when i'm in the

    class room!!"

  • sardar in class room

    | SMS by sardarfan

    Teacher: Duniya ka sabse puraana Jaanwar kaunsa hai?

    Sardar: Madamji, "ZEBRA"

    Teacher: ZEBRA!!kyon??

    Sardar: Kyon ki woh Black

    and White he.

  • Fall In love with your own wife

    | SMS by Joker

    Research has revealed that you can actually fall in love with

    your own wife...

    If somebody else describes her to you.

  • Becoming like me

    | SMS by joker

    You're Attractive Gorgeous Sexy Intelligent Smart Charming Sophisticated Fit

    Kind & Generous. In fact you're becoming more like me everyday!

  • Sardar to Boss

    | SMS by ranjith

    Boss: I'm giving U job as a driver. STARTING salary Rs. 2000, is it ok?

    Sardar: U r Great sir!
    Starting salary is OK. But sir Hoe much is DRIVING salary???

  • Sardar got computer job

    | SMS by kumar_kk

    Sardar got computer job first Day he worked till night.

    Boss happy & asked what u did 2day?
    Sardar: Keyboard alphabets are not in order, so I

    rearranged it..

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