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  • sms friend

    | SMS by kailas

    Gud news

    All +1, +2&10 th students w'l b given 7 marks moderation 4 phys, chemstry & maths

    for more detail log on to






    www. noki irunno ipo kittum. com


  • girl jokes

    | SMS by Donyea

    You shouldn't get on one knee for a girl who wouldn't get on two for you; )

  • Sardarji lisence

    | SMS by Jainam v. doshi

    3 Sardarji meet at cafe after suffering from forest fight from 4 lion
    first sardarji told i had shoot 4 bullets in air all lion get away.
    second sardarji told i had shown a gun all lion get away.
    third sardarji told i had shown a gun license all lions get away.

  • Eye specialist

    In your life, when you wake up & don't see any one, then come to me, i'll be there to hold ur hand & take you to the EYE SPECIALIST

    -Vishnu Sudhakaran

    Mob: 9656772013

  • Heart beat

    Today, tommorow and forever there will be one heart that would always beat for you.

    You know Whose

    Your Own Stupid!!!

  • Soooo sWEEtttttt

    | SMS by Ameer Ajmal

    Boy: Hi Girl: Hey how r u? Waht r u doing? Boy: I am texting d most beautiful girl in d world...

    Girl: (emotionally) Awww ...... So sweet of u ;; ): $ Boy: But she is notreplying so i am texting you.. !!

  • "Teacher"

    | SMS by Ameer Ajmal

    Teacher: "What doyou call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? "Pupil: "A teacher".. !!

  • 8237431443

    | SMS by Rushabh

    Mohabbat bhi ajeb chiz banayi khuda tune...

    Teri hi Masjid m,

    Tere hi mandir me, Tere hi bande,

    Tere hi samne Rote He,

    Tujhe nahi kisi aur

    ko pane ke liye. !

  • thankappanassari

    | SMS by Hareesh Anand

    In life we sometimes feel that all doors r closed........

    If this happens to u


    Thankappanassari@carpenter. com


    | SMS by jadeer


    "Recieved call"

    Education is

    "Dialled call"

    Love is

    "Missed coll"

    Job is

    "Waiting call"




  • what do you like?

    | SMS by abhi cea

    SON: Mom, why is that my cousin's name is Rose


    Your aunt likes flowers.

    SON: You

    mom? What do you like

    MOM: Dicky, stop asking; -)

  • What is FaCeBoOk ???

    | SMS by Ameer Ajmal

    What is Facebook..

    .. .... .. ..... Its when a Boy posts a joke, He gets No Response.. : ( & When a Girl Posts the same Joke, She gets (50 Likes), (35 friend Requests), (20 Private Messages), & (80 Comments on how Sweet She Is and how funny the Joke

  • GiRl FrIeNdS

    | SMS by Ameer Ajmal

    SON: Mom, who is a Girlfriend

    MOM: Wen u grow up and Become a gud boy u'll also get one.

    SON: If i dont bcome a gud boy

    Dad: Then u ll get many; -): -)

  • Memory Test

    | SMS by fahad

    one day God tested me, he erased all my memories and asked Do u remember any 1 now

    I tiod ur name.

    God smiled and said

    Some Virus can't be formated... !!!

  • Dedicated

    | SMS by Tope rapheal

    Dedicated to all girls with high atitude... Sweety! Don't be pround if every boy wants you! Always remeber, cheap items have to many buyer

  • Nair girl and Dragon

    | SMS by Deepa Sekhar

    A Nair girl from Trivandrum was employed as programmer in Cochin Infopark. She fell in love with one of her colleagues who was a Christian boy from Kottayam. They decided to marry each other. Since they belong to different religions, the girl got baptized & became a Christian before marrying her Christian boyfriend. After some days, she was taken by her husband to a major Church where she saw the idol of St. George as sitting on his horse slaying the dragon. The girl saw many people approaching & kissing the idol. She decided to do the same. When she approached the idol, she saw a dragon at the bottom, a horse in the middle and a man on the top. From her childhood, she had been praying to serpants and animals. So without least doubt & with utmost confidence, she first kissed the dragon, then the horse and finally the man who was sitting on it. !!!

  • zahid zahid

    | SMS by zahid

    !’”\\ //”"! GÖÖD


    !__//\\__! DÉÅR


    ! AVE ä GL0RIUS

    !__!”"!__! Day

    Keep smiling

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  • Father & Son

    | SMS by Devanand

    Father: Itne Kam Marks? Do Thappad Marne Chahiye.

    Son: Haan Papa, Chalo Maine Us Master Ka Ghar Bhi Dekha Hai.. !

  • Funny sirdar g

    | SMS by Junu chhetri

    Sardar g went to whitehouse and said to Obama, "I want to be next president of America'.. hearing that Obama said, "Are u fool? ", sardar g replayed, "why is it compalsary? "...... : p: p: p everybdy sucks, sardar g rocks.

  • Mystery of maths

    | SMS by Mubu

    Bigest Mystery f Maths-

    1000s f years pasd

    Milions f theorems derivd

    Crors f formulas made

    Bt stil..

    X is unknwn!!

  • 8-inte pani

    | SMS by Justlin

    3 studnts didnt prepar 4 a test & tuk leave

    next morning they went 2 HOD n said dat v had gon 4 a weddin & d car tyre burst so v had 2 push all the way so we cudn't study

    the HOD agrees & gives dem 3 days time 2 write test.

    aftr 3 days, al d 3 were seatd in differnt room

    d questn paper consist of only 1 question

    whch tyre burst

    A. Front right

    B. Front left

    C. Back right

    D. Back left

    dis phenomenon is called as

    "8-inte pani"

    (dedictd 4 thos havin exp)


    viewers snd me cool sms k

  • fill this QUESTION

    | SMS by achu

    _M_A_K_ fill this

    Boys use it, Girls like this, Parent hate it. What is this

    starts with a, e, i, o, u. Reply pls.

  • Trainlight

    | SMS by Baiju

    SUPAR GOOD JOB IN RAILWAY ONLY ONE VACANCY HARRY SALARY 15000/. job train headlight kedayal oru torcheduthu traininu munpe odanam

  • angel & achu

    | SMS by anoop 9809653510

    Angel: I have good and bad news for


    achu: Tell me the good news first!

    Angel: You are going to heaven.

    achu: Yes!: )

    And what's the bad news








    Angel: You are going NOW!:

  • Boy and Girl

    | SMS by Jabir

    Boy: R u single

    Girl: No, I'm plural.

    Boy: I meant ru free on Saturday.

    Girl: No, I'm really expensive.

    Boy: >_

  • Free Online Dirt Bike Games

    | SMS by Perry

    Play free online dirt bike games that deliver extreme motocross action straight to your web browser. Enjoy some fun and exciting titles today including motocross games, dirt bike racing games and FMX games. Earn a high score by pulling off crazy tricks or race to the finish line against computer simulated opponents.

  • Engineers par bharosa

    | SMS by Archana

    Ek bar engineering college ke sabhi professor aur principal ko ek plane me baithaya gaya.

    Announce kiya gaya ye plane apke students ne banaya hai.

    Sabhi poff. Dar se utar gaye par principal baitha raha kyu



    Uska kehna tha muje apne students par pura bharosa hai. Plane start hi nai hogi

    to crash hone ki door ki baat hai.

  • Early in the morning....

    | SMS by Jestin

    Early in the morning U must do 2 things.
    1. pray 2 God so U can live
    2. Take a bath so other can live

  • Life without u is.....

    | SMS by Jestin

    Life without U is impossible. Ur in my blood can't stay 4 a sec without U I' m dead. Excuse me... I am telling about oxygen.

  • Last bench association

    | SMS by Amra Azeez

    If a single teacher cant teach all d subjects, Den hw can u expect a single students to learn 10 subjects..


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