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  • ningalkkumakaam oru urakkam

    | SMS by Naushad

    Welcome to Ningalkkum tharaam

    good night.

    oru urakkam...

    orotta urakkam mathi ravile akan..

    swagatham su swagatham swapnangalilekk

    dhE uragi dhA eneechu...

    : gud ni8. |-)|-)|-)|-)|-)|-)|-)|-)|-)

  • Ningalkum akam kodeeshran

    | SMS by Faris.

    welcome to "ningalkum tharaam good ni8"

    oru urakkam... orotta urakkam mathi ravile akan..

    swagatham su swagatham swapnangalilekk

    dE poyi dA vannu.. suga nidra gdn8

  • Good morning

    | SMS by anoop 9809653510

    Cool air...

    Bright sun...

    Fresh flower...

    Singing birds...

    All these waiting to see your eyes open

    to say Good morning...

    Have a nice day...


  • Gud mrng...

    | SMS by anoop 9809653510

    A morning is a wonderfull blessing... Either stormy or sunny, it stands for hope, Giving us another start of what we call... ...

    Gud mrng have a nice sunday


  • góòd mörñîñg 2 äll


    kizakkan chakravalathil ninnum udichuyarunnna sooryan

    Mega palikalkumidayil soorya kiranangal boomiye thott vandikunnu

    vayadi kyil prabatha ganam padunnu

    Kozikunjungal kinnara chollunn

    Aruvikal dikkukal nokki ozugunnu.....

    eee sundara dinathil njanum neratte oru sundara shubadinam

    by: PMS pAdlAdkA(nechipms@gmail. com/pms. padladka@yahoo. com)


  • kaathiripp

    | SMS by Jaseer

    Dhaivam oru Puyayolam Sankadam namuk tharum ....

    Athil vishamikkarudh...

    Kaaranam ...

    Athinu pinnil oru Kadalolam Sandhosham namme Kaathirippund....

    Gud mrng ...

    Jasi 9809656973

  • Nice morning

    | SMS by Rahul anupama

    Ennethe pole innum sooryan kizhakkuthichu.



    Pakshikal kinnaram cholli.


    Nadhikal ozhukithudangi


    . Eee manohara suprabhathathil ''pothine pole kidannurungal naanamilleda..... "



  • @Gud night@

    | SMS by 8714246539

    . !. H6!N


    S! SMS







  • Ponpularikal

    | SMS by Sabu

    Suryante ponkiranangalil thilanguna aruvikal. Pachaviricha thazhvarakal. Ozhuki ethuna panineer pookal. Goodmorning.

  • potti vidaruna prabatham

    | SMS by san

    Prakrithi bangiyode potti viriyunna prabatham nammal ororutharodum enthokeyo parayan sramikunnu..

    Aa sramangal naam thirichariyumbozhanu prakrithiyude soundhyaram nammuk asodhikan kazhiyu..


  • good morning sms

    | SMS by kuttan

    Ella vedi kalkum vedi vakkatha gud mrng... kundanadiyan kuttu.

  • Gud mrng frnds

    | SMS by kailas

    Morning Is A Wonderful

    Opportunity To Wish, To Love, To

    Care, To Smile And To See You In

    Good Mood.

    Good Morning

    N Hav A Good Day. : -)

    Kailas 9745950141

  • have anice day

    | SMS by abdulrahman

    nice friend for get a

    'nice morning'

    sweet friend for get a

    'sweet morning'

    lovely friend for get a

    'lovely morning'

    good friend for get a

    'good morning'

  • F.E.A.R. has 2 meaning

    | SMS by Jainam v. doshi

    F - forget

    E - everything

    A - and

    R - run


    F - face

    E - everything

    A - and

    R - rejoice

    now the choice is yours

    good morning...

  • 8237431443

    | SMS by Rushabh

    Ruth Gye Hmare sab chahane WaLe...

    Ruth Gaye Hume

    manane WaLe..

    Ab to mobile b Humse puchta Hai...

    ki Kaha 6up Gaye Tujhko roz msg krne waLe.

  • gud night friendssssss

    | SMS by jishnu suresh


    )) * good *))

    // * night* //

    // have a //

    // * nice * //

    (( * sleep *((


  • morning message

    | SMS by jitendra

    Suraj nikal raha he Purab se Din shuru hua apki Yaad se Kehna chahte he hum Apko dilse Apka din accha jaye hamare Good Morning se.

  • morning............

    | SMS by anoop 9809653510

    birds are chillaying

    murgha is kukrukuing

    chaand is doobing

    sun is nikling

    flowers are khushboo maring

    peacock is naching

    all are kahing

    to u Good Morning


    u r still soying


  • wishes to friends

    | SMS by AKHIL.V.P


    is a good time to “REMEMBER

    all the sweet things &

    all sweet persons in your “LIFE

    so wake up with your



  • lovely mng...


    Everyone Is GööD To YöU!

    Till YöU Expect Nothing From Them!


    YöU Are Too GööD!

    To Them Only Till YöU Fulfill Their Expectation!!

    GööD MörninG!

    TakE CarE!: -)


    abdulsalamka1@gmail. com

    facebook: salam saluz tkd

  • My advice for all

    | SMS by Prasanna kumar

    "Be pure, live a clean life, defend your dignity and be respectful to others. Be gentle and modest, but do not hesitate to be firm when the situations requires it. "

    Prasanna kumar. 785@gmail. com

  • good morning

    Superb thought. never try to maintain relations in your life. just try to maintain life in your relations. good Morning


  • Suprefatham

    | SMS by HIMA

    Nadha ninne kaanan ......... ninn paathangall pulkaan ........ ninn kripayill azham aryiyan.......... gudmng my all frnds......... god bless you by hima

  • Good Nights



    ☺$ω٤٤t☺Dя٤٨м$☺ &



    facebook. com/tinju. itty

    Mob: 9539452338

  • good morning

    | SMS by prashanth

    we gain freedom when we paid the full price for our right to live

    good morning

  • Beautiful pictures

    | SMS by Siddique

    Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room. so, if you see darkness in your life, be sure that God is making a beautiful picture for you Good Morning, by 050 26 27 28 6

  • GOOD DAY and Good Morning

    | SMS by Sujithbob

    Open ur tinky minky


    stand up and strech ur

    crunchy prunchy bonz

    and then wake up

    yourself, tell your brain

    to refresh

    and tell your self 2days

    is GOOD DAY

    Good Morning

  • Good morning

    | SMS by Yo Yo Raman

    Successful people always have two things on their lips, ... Silence&Smile... Smile to solve the problem, And.. Silence to avoid the prblm..... GUD MRG

  • Always Try to be more

    | SMS by Niyadkhan

    Always Try to be more Sensitive about Peoples Feelings.. Because there are Times that a TEAR Means HAPPINESS, AndA SMILE Means HURT. !!: |

  • @good morning@

    | SMS by raj

    saying good morning to u is not a formality or due to free msg it is a processing to remember u in the first minute of the day GOOD MORNING AND HAVE A VERY ACHCHA DAY

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