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    A cute line said by a rosse: its better to stay in a boy's
    grave than to stay in a girl's hair who doesn't know what is love...


  • Good Morning

    | SMS by Jazzy

    Good morning merry sunshine, What makes you rise so soon?
    You scare away the little stars,
    And drive away the moon.

  • Night has gone

    | SMS by mathews

    Night has gone
    and the moon too...

    Sun has arrived with the sky blue...

    Open ur beautiful
    eyes, there is a
    sms for u......


  • Look outside ...It's so pleasant !

    | SMS by sreenath

    Look outside ... It's so pleasant !

    Sun smiling 4 U...

    Trees dancing 4 U...

    Birds singing 4 U...

    coz I requested them all 2 wish U a sweet GOOD MORNING..

  • Funny GD MRNG Wishes

    | SMS by Nikhil

    Think "wisely"

    Talk "Loudly"

    Work "Hardly"

    Love "Sincerely"

    Feel "Freely"

    Read "Slowly"

    & Most important is

    Bath "Daily"ok


  • Keep working for ur goal

    | SMS by Nikhil

    A honey bee visits 2 million flowers to collect 500mg of honey ...

    So our workload is nothing compared to them...

    Keep working for ur goal...

    Good morning. Have a nice day.

  • The beauty of life

    | SMS by nikhil

    The beauty of life is in the next second, Which hides thousands of secrets...
    I wish every second be wonderful in your life..

  • Eyes, Heart, Hands and Legs

    | SMS by Manu

    Eyes: to look at u
    Hands: to pray for you

    to remember u
    Heart: to care for You
    Legs: To

    kick you if you are still sleeping. Get Up!!

    Good Morning

  • God's Wish

    | SMS by Manu

    If things r happening according to ur wish, u r lucky!
    but if they are not

    u r very lucky, b'coz they are happening according to God's wish!
    Gud Morning

  • Good Morning SMS

    | SMS by Manu

    "one of the reasons why people hold on to memories so tight is because

    memories are the only thing that dont change when everything else"
    Gud Morning

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