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Are you searching for the best Love SMS Message for your Lover? You are at the right place to find the best of short, cute and sweet Love SMS Messages. Collection of Love Messages and Romantic Text SMS Messages for lovers. Mobile phones brought lovers and couples close. Make your love relationship even closer with the best Love SMS and Love Messages. You'll find the best Love SMS and Messages of Love submitted by users. A Love Text Message is the fastest and easiest way to let your partner/lover know how much you care for him/her.

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For uuuuuuuuuuuu

+ '____//\\____'+*
'*\\ G O O D //*'
+//N I G H T\\'+'
+ ....


my ananya anu

SMS by Arun Bose

chodhikkan madicha chodhiyavum
parayan madicha utharavum
prenayathinte nashtangal ane...


tears of love!

True love is rare and precious.
Like a pearl in oyster !!


Love is sweet painful

SMS by Sadath Shan

If y0u Flirt nicely,Y0u will enj0y Daily,
But If y0u l0ve truly,Y0u will Die Daily...!!

Shan 9605545046


Love is cool

Hey! Am john. I love to have a girlfriend. Nothing special...Jst someone to love and talk to.
Add mi up ladies. *winkes
WhatsApp: +234 703 863 3067
BBM: 7F3E44B5

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my best decision

The best decision I ever made is choosing you.
I love you even more than when I began this

Enetreal +2348081247353


crush ko ikaw

ui crush ko gad ikaw , even though ,na lalainan ka , piro anu man tak mahihimu , kay amu liwat it adi tak heart , kun pwedi ko daw la sawayun tak heart maiha ko na gin buhat . .



Men always need to be the 1st love of a woman.....
While women likes to be the last romance of a man.....
What a difference...?


waiting for uuuuuuuu....

SMS by Suhyil Suhuzz

I used to be lonely, waiting for the
right person to come by and love
and then you came like the morning
star, bright as ever...loving as only
you could ever have.

by fb id : suhyil suhuzz



sawan ne bhi kisi se pyar kiya tha . usne use badal ka naam diya tha rote the dono ek dosre ke dosre ki judai me aur logo ne use baarish ka naam diya

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love is the right thing

SMS by thelovemaker

my penis is so hard for you its like waking up on Christmas morning. i want to come inside you like a nice snow storm. i want to cover your face with my snowflakes.


just for u!

SMS by Neha Jairath

Chaand ko guroor hai kyunki uske paas noor hai... Chaand ko guroor hai kyunki uske paas Noor hai.. Mein kis par guroor karu,mera chaand hi mujhse door hai!


I miSS yOU 24 hours

SMS by Romo Romio

Before the rain clouds were coming
Before the clouds in the sky was sunny
The nature of the sun was covered in a fog
It was the night before the cloud cover of fog
------------I miSS yOU 24 hours---------


Love hurt's

"Each drop of a Tear is costly than anything in world....
No one know's it's value untill they have it in their own eyes for someone"


Ninakayi mathram

SMS by vaisakh renju

Ne ennileku varuna a nimishathinai njan kathirikunu

9048557258 Surya Krishna

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Intense Love

SMS by Romo Romio

+++As days wear away, My emotions get stronger,
To be in heavenly love, I can’t wait any longer
Look into my eyesight & you’ll notice that it’s hearty,
All Day & Night my thought of you+++


The Greatest gift

Love is the greatest gift God gave to mankind, you are the greatest gift God gave to me.


Miss you terribly

SMS by Romo Romio

++ Why i have born , May be only for someone. But where are you ? Oh God always she is exist in my heart. I can understand someone miss me terribly, But who is she ? Yes, she is you who is my love, my life my all everything And Always i missed you and still I miss you my heart & soul ! ! !


Deep love by Romo Romio

SMS by Romo Romio

You are my oxygen cause when you take a breath, I live in your heart. I sleep in midnight cause i turn off my eyes to see you. Why you are tell me mad ! I love you very much is it my fault.


snehikan oral undakunath

Jeevitham valliya sundaramayi jeevikan pattu ♥♥
i Love You verY muchu
enoke njn arodu parayum
namuk arum ila
For frndship

Rim Su sHan
facebook RequsT

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SMS by Sujith Suji

life is one
love is one
lover is one
that is you

life is love
love is life
sujith (


your love! what more can I ask for?

SMS by Adewale Jacob

What more can I ask for? You re beautyfull as a rose,gentle like a dove.with voice like the sound of many waters.venus blushes and princesses shamed at the sight of your beauty.I give the world to make you mine for ever.+234 9032380084 whatsap



SMS by hottie

Hey you probably don't know who i am but you'll find out i really like you, your a nice guy your nice sporty i have found a nice taste in your i really 143 (means i love you) anyway i'm a bit shy thats why i'm writing you this letter i have _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in my name and my last name has _ _ _ _ _ i really like you and anyone would like to date you


true love <3

"Lövè is not mere attraction between opposite sexes, it's that Great feeling which only our Hèärt$ can identify" <3


Love is fully In my heart

I love You..
whats want you tell me ..
9567374358 sms

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my w.j is my life

SMS by Amna Sheikh

Listen..! you are just mine..i can't bear the pain of letting you go...i really and truly love you from the core my heart...infact i would have sacrificed my happiness for you....i can sacrifice my life for u...please never leave me..i love you..alot alot alot.....please realize my feelings and true love for you which i have in my heart....i'm just your.please accept me as your lover....please sweetoo....ummwwahh


I love you

SMS by Rahees Muthu

I'm so lUky to have you in mY life ,
I love you forever.............
By rahees muthu



SMS by Alakananda

Love&rain both are same
Both gives us true joy
But the basic difference is
Rain wets our body&love wets our eyes


kinnavellee sundari

SMS by heaven arts

pullrreeliye manjanee neen nerukayil vizhum

nee ennodu cheerrunna sandhyayil nilaveil nakstra kuttagal mannill chitharryyee vizhum njan kannan kothiykunna
by heven arts


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