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  • FEEL my LOVE

    | SMS by Basil Vp

    ആയിരം കൊല്ലം ഈ
    ഭൂമിയിൽ ജീവിക്കുന്നതിനേ
    ക്കാൾ എനിക്കിഷ്ട്ടം
    എന്നെ സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നവരുടെ
    കൂടെ ഒരുദിവസമെങ്കിലും ജീവിക്കുന്നതാണ്

  • FEEL my LOVE

    | SMS by Basil Vp

    ശരീരത്തിനോടും‌, സൗന്ദര്യത്തിനോടും ഉള്ള പ്രണയം ഒരു കാലത്ത് അവസാനിക്കും????
    മനസ്സിനോട് ഉള്ള പ്രണയം
    മരിച്ചാലും മായുകില്ലാ

  • പരസ്പരം പങ്കു വെച്ച നാളുകൾ

    | SMS by Junaid Aju

    "അവളുടെ കൈയ്യിൽ നിന്നും കടം വാങ്ങിയ വാക്കുകൾ കോർത്ത്‌ ഞാൻ അവൾക്ക് സമ്മാനിച്ചു... ഒടുവിൽ കടം പെരുകിയപ്പോൾ ഞാനെന്റെ കവിതകൾ വിറ്റു... കുറച്ചു സ്വപ്നങ്ങളുടെ വിലക്ക്...

  • love u all..

    | SMS by Premjith Ps

    smile is a gently curved line that can set a lot of thing straight... keep smiling....

  • പരസ്പരം പങ്കു വെച്ച നാളുകൾ

    | SMS by Junaid Aju

    ജീവിതത്തിൽ ആരെയെങ്കിലും മറക്കണം എന്നു തീരുമാനിച്ചാൽ.
    പിന്നെ അങ്ങോട്ട് ഏറ്റവും കൂടുതൽ
    ഓർക്കുന്നതും അവരെയായിരിക്കും..

  • LOVE <3 <3<3

    I wish there was nothing else in the world to do expect for losing myself in your eyes. I could continue doing that for the rest of my lifetime. I Love You..

  • LoVE You .. <3

    From the first gleam of the sunlight , to the sweet rays of the moon, you are always in my mind , Life is nothing without you , Just wants to say that I Loves you alot... !

  • Love You....

    I wish God always keeps blessing you and fill your life with never ending happiness. I never wants to see you sad. I love you so much. And I can do whatever it takes to make you happy.. I Love You....

    Whatsapp me 9544262346


    | SMS by Bryn Kawuma

    When U An't Emotionally Available 2 Yo Partner, You r Withholding The Intimate Details Of Your Life.

  • Everything

    | SMS by Royal

    To love is Nothing...... To be loved is Something...... To love and be loved is Everything!

  • True love quotes


    Never force anyone to love u, let the person perfectly fall in love with you because ,it nice to let gravity do the motion than to forcefully grab affection without attraction,to prove me right, for a relationship to become strong, the heart should accept it mate it self.

  • ur my business

    | SMS by opiyo juphen

    Ur beauty is da capital of business,my eyes r stock in trade.
    Let's enter in2 transaction,u secretly give me a trade discount en l openly give u a cash discount en thus my partner,our trading en profit loss account will show net profit...I LUV U.

  • TheeraTha NoovukaL

    | SMS by MoHd Rashid

    Chila Isshttagal Aganaya
    Ariyathe NammaL pokum
    Onn kannaN Opam Nadakan Sammsarikan vallathe Kothikum

    Ente Mathram Enn veruthe karuthum

    Oduvil Ellam Veruthe Ayirunnu Enn Theerichariyumbol

    Uliinte ulill Evidayangilum Aa isshttam nammal kuzhichu modum...

    pinnaaa Ath Rand thuli kaneerinte Nannavode Aah isshttam nammal orkum

    Apozhum Manas vallathe kothikum....
    Ni Enikullathaanane

  • Tere bin amisha

    | SMS by Akbar Malik

    •?((¯°·._.• ί Ļόνέ чόù şό мùςħ вάвч άήȡ ί ώάήţ ţό ţέĻĻ чόù όήέ ţħίήģ мόŕέ......ţħάţ ίş мч Ļίρş άŕέ άĻώάчş ώάήţş ţό ķίşş чόùŕ líp$ #### •._.·°¯))؟•

  • i will always love u.

    No matter how or what might keep us apart, u are always in my heart.

  • Thinking of you

    | SMS by Janice

    Thinking of you hoping everything goes your way.

  • I MISS "U"

    Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.


    In every dream, the best moment to share is to be with you, you make my day just to talk to you,loving you is like task to me which i will not stop loving you, you are my dreams!

  • Njaan thanichaanu annum,ennum

    You can see a smile on ma face always ,and that is the only ornament I like to wear always..

  • True ❤ LOVE

    | SMS by Kumara Murugan

    Where there is peace? there is heart!, where there is heart? there is love!, where there is love there is you, where there is you? There is meeee! I Love you!

  • From my you....

    | SMS by Monika

    When I see you at the first time I didn't realize that u make me feel that you are this much important to me

  • MY LOVE.........

    I wanted to show you how much i love you.... I thought of writing you a poem... I thought of singing you a love song.... Even thought of picking you the moon.... But all those attempts fail when i remember your love, beauty and caring heart !

    whatsapp me 9544262346


    For every day, I miss you ,
    For every hour, I need you,
    For every minute, I feel you,
    For every second, I want you,
    Forever, i love you...

    Whatsapp me 9544262346

  • Ormakal............

    Ormakal palapozum namme ottapeduthum... Pakshe naam thannichakumpol swanthuvanathinte thooval sparshamayi ormakkal mathrame koode undaku......

    Whatsapp me 9544262346

  • love you all....

    | SMS by Premjith Ps

    The best and most beautiful things in the world....cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

  • LOV£ YOU...

    All my life I have searched but I never found someone who is so perfect for me . You make my life complete . With you i need not worry about future because, as long as I have you in my side, I know future will be a pleasant surpise... I Love you....

    Whatsapp me 9544262346


    A perfect relationship is not that you , never gets angry , upset or irritated with each other..... It's how fast you resolve problem and bounce back to normal.....

    Whatsapp me 9544262346

  • Ente Hridhayathin vedhana..

    | SMS by Richu MuhmmdIqbl

    Ente pranayathe...nenjodu cherthu pidichu nadanna naalukal....
    theertha veechikal...
    polinju poya varshanghal... manassil kanalayiii eriyukayaanu..ennum..

  • I LOVE YOU.... <3

    You are dazzling and gorgeous you are attractive and sensuous... You are beautiful and pretty... You are stunning and lovely .... You are charming and hot.... Sweetheart i love you alot..... <3

    Whatsapp me 9544262346


    Come away with me sweetheart , to a land that far away and unknown , where it's just you and me with the sun baking our feet and the water wetting our cheeks. Let's spend the rest of our lives in a paradise like this. I love you sweetheart...

    Whatsapp me 9544262346

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