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Are you searching for the best Love SMS Message for your Lover? You are at the right place to find the best of short, cute and sweet Love SMS Messages. Collection of Love Messages and Romantic Text SMS Messages for lovers. Mobile phones brought lovers and couples close. Make your love relationship even closer with the best Love SMS and Love Messages. You'll find the best Love SMS and Messages of Love submitted by users. A Love Text Message is the fastest and easiest way to let your partner/lover know how much you care for him/her.

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Love is life

The Full Form of Chocolate Brand :
KITKAT – Kiss in Time, Kiss at Time
PERK – Perfect Emotional Romantic Kiss
MUNCH – Meet Urgently Now for a Charming Hug! So think before giving chocolate to any one

how I knew you were the one

SMS by Maya Sandoval

My love for you can not be shown by words... Only by how fast my heart beats when I am with you, and how my heart skips a beat when you look into my eyes and say that I am beautiful inside and out.
Written by: Maya Sandoval

How much you mean to me

SMS by Maya Sandoval

Many people in the world have the need for money, fame, and a car or some big house....
but my dear love, you are the only one i need

what is love?

One day I asked to my heart;
What is love?
Heart replied:
Edo koppe,
Ente pani blood pump cheyyukaa ennathanu.
Chumma out of Syllabus le question onnum
chodikkandaaa !!.

I £¤V€ Y¤U

Suhani raat,
Thanda mausam,
Mithi mithi baatein,
Pyaari pyaari muskan,
Mohabbat ka shama,
Nasha hi nasha,
Labon ki pyaas,
Aur palke jhuki hui,
Keh rahi hai aapko..,
I Love You...
I Love You...
And I Love You.............. <3 <3

£ove is sweet pain

SMS by RAUF kuriyodu

Akhale Nilkkunna Poovine Nokki Athiru Kadannu Snehichal..
Adarnnu Veezhunna Kannuneer Kaanan
Aa Poovundaakilla...



Am lucky 2 hv u

U r rare n expencive like a diamond!! So am lucky to hv u ma lv!!!

b l a c k r o s e

SMS by Shafi Rock

life is abt the small moments we live daily. The more we enjoy life the more life gives us the reason to enjoy.

£ove is sweet pain

SMS by Sadath Shan

Pure heart is the greatest tample in the
world Dont believe the smiling face But
believe the smiling heart they are rare in this

a poem to him <3

violets are red roses are blue every time i sleep i think of you

marakkan avilla oru nalum

SMS by rishal

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with you was beyond my control!

love you anu

Ninakai.... Thozhee
Iniyum.... Janmangal
Onnu cheram....

Kaanunna Swapnanjal Ellam Balichal, Kaalathinte Kalpana

SMS by ranju 23

...Kaanunna Swapnanjal
Ellam Balichal,
Kaalathinte Kalpanayku Enthu Moolyam...


SMS by rohan kanchar

Aj fir teri yaad aaye barish ko dekh kar,Dil pe zor na raha apni bebasi ko dekh kar,Roye is qadar teri yaad me,Ke barish bi thum gayi meri barish dekh kar ;)
rOohan ray

Ente priya

SMS by Shubha Manoah

Adaruvaan vayaa... adaruvaan vayaa....eniku nin hridhayathil ninum yethu swargam vilichaalum

Horoscope - Daily Forecast

Findout what your stars Foretell

itZ mY firsT words

Im aloNe hEre....
I haVt a Frnd , Sweet Heart.
I hope You ...
My heart see You... but U not Look Me

Dnt wry about me...
Im so frndly...
I need girl frnd
CoMe Chat Wuth Me oN
WhatsaPp : 9567374358

love is sweet pain

SMS by Sadath Shan

Heart touching words:
"The day Ur best ones stop scolding u for ur mistakes ,
Is the day u have lost UR name from their hearts..

Sweet pain

SMS by Sadath Shan

Feelings are important in our life as they come from heart, if u respond back they grow, if u ignore they die, if u respect they stay 4ever

enjoy ur life

Yethranal kazhinjalum yevide ayirunnalum oru nimishmenkilum orkkan kazhinjal athalle yethartha sneham so enjoy your life

Sms by
Priya 7560823070 , 9061076162

love and love only

SMS by sj1

Prenatal atoralkku math ram thoniyal pora 2 perk um thonanamennale as preneyethinu sathyamundaku. "Sj"

i love u deepthikutty

Orkkuvaan njan ninakkenthu nalkanam.......ORKKANAM enna vaakku maathram"

i love u my deepthikutty -
Jishnu Rob Surya <3

my love for u

If to live wit someone close to me and lose all wat i hav, i rather do so to sacrifise to be wit u cos u ar everythng i ought to hav in lyf... love you

M¥ OwN FE€£¡NG$

Jo aapko kehna chahoon,
Wo aapko kaise kahoon,
Dil ki baat jubaan pe aaye to aaye kaise,
Sharam aa jati hai aapko dekhne se...
<3 <3

T®U€ £¤V€

Pyaar soch samajh kar kiya nahi jata,
Pyaar to bas ho jata hai..
Jo soch samajh kar pyar karta hai,
Usse soda kehte hain..,
Aur jo dil se pyaar karta hai,
Usse sacha Ishq kehte hain....
<3 <3

True Thing

Love is a sweet feeling,
It's also very painful,
If your love is true,
Then you must achieve your love
in your life at any cost...
<3 <3

By :- Mrinmoyee Mallick.

Love you my dear

SMS by Amal Manuel

I Love u
I Love u my
I Love u my Dear
I Love u my Dear nd Dearest

sweeet pain

SMS by Sadath Shan

Nice lines:-
1OOO of happiness cant remove 1pain in heart..But 1pain can remove thousands of happiness in heart..
-luv is 4evar


SMS by Sadath Shan

Ham Bhul Jae Use Aisi Dil Ki Hasrat Kaha

Wo Yaad Kare Hame Itni Use Fursat kaha

Jinke Charo Taraf Ho Apno Ka Sath

Unhe Hamari Zarurt Kha

hope for love

SMS by rainbowdash

If you held up 2 diamonds in the mirror, you'd be looking at 3 of the most beautiful things in the world.

who will care

SMS by rishal

No one will ever understand the
beautiful complexity of my mind.


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